From Forgetting To Flourishing: The Impact of Retrieval Practice On Student Success [E-book]

‘Forgetting to Flourishing’ is a short book that will help you to improve student outcomes in your school. One of the key challenges teachers face is students struggling to recall the vast amount of information in the curriculum. Your implementing effective retrieval practice helps them do just that.

This book is a quick and easy read that summarises:

  • What retrieval practice is.
  • The benefits of retrieval practice, backed up by evidence.
  • How to implement it in your class, in your department, and at the wider whole-school level.

You can download this e-book below for just £4.99.

From Forgetting to Flourishing: The Impact of Retrieval Practice on Student Success

A guide on improving student attainment by implementing effective retrieval practice strategies.


Please note: You will be emailed your copy of the e-book once payment has been collected. Thank you for your download.


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