Avais Qureshi


My name is Avais Qureshi and I get students to behave. Is that because I’m some control freak that gets his kicks off exercising power over others? No. Well… hmmm… no. It’s because excellent behaviour for learning is the foundation to our students’ success. I help lay that foundation.

Who is this website for?

This is a website for those who want to improve behaviour in their classrooms, as well as those looking to teach others how to improve behaviour in their classrooms. Whether you’re an NQT or a senior leader, if it’s behaviour related, you’ll find something useful here (fingers crossed).

Why me?

Because my aim is to lay things out simply for you and I’m not looking to over-complicate things just to sound clever. Sometimes I ramble a bit, so forgive that, but on the whole, you’ll find simple, actionable advice that will help you to improve behaviour for learning from the next moment you step back into school.